Monday, 9 July 2012


In a month I am leaving my life here in Brighton. I will be moving out of the small and sweet rented house that has been my home for two and a half years. I am packing up my clothes, books, kitchen, logic and furniture; stashing them all away and heading to France with a rucksack, mandolin and open heart.

I have been working in a wholefoods market selling organic food to customers for over two years and now I want to go back down the line of these food products, back past the warehouses where they were packed, beyond the lorries that transported them, past the larger vats, bottles, boxes and containers that held them. I want to go and find the point where their essence was grown, milked or fermented as the result of a human hand manipulating and shaping nature; basically to where food becomes food. Everything we eat has a story to tell. Before it was divided and enclosed into its little kitchen-sized-packages that we all have in our cupboards or on our shelves, it was captured from the natural world, manipulated one way or another. I want to see where nature meets the hand of the farmer and my particular interest at the moment is goat farming!