Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Generally as humans we move around our homes and neighbourhoods using our legs to walk or run unless we borrow a bicycle, horse or rowing boat and take a ride. But for the most part getting around in society depends on energy created from burning substances that have been mined and drilled out of the earth, and in this way we negotiate time and space in cars, buses, ferries and planes. Before fossil fuels and electricity came along, which actually was relatively recently in the evolution of our race, the speed of our lives must have been a lot slower. I don’t know about you but driving can give me quite an adrenaline rush, which can be fun (and obviously has risks too) but does this happen because the speed of driving in evolutionary terms is actually quite new and therefore physiologically, quite unexpected? Maybe that is why flying can make me feel disorientated, like I have arrived somewhere physically before I have arrived psychologically.

I know some people who refuse to fly at all for environmental reasons and some people who see themselves as ecologically aware but see flying as necessary on occasions and other people who don’t seem togive flying a second thought. We all know that the flying is creating carbon that is contributing massively to climate change, which in turn is compromising the world we live in as we know it. I don’t feel like I want to spend time, energy and headspace on judging or resenting people for their choice to fly. I don’t believe that being on the receiving end of judgement or resentment is necessarily the thing that will mean people change their behaviour, and behaviour change towards sustainability is something that very much interests me.

I have decided to go by train to the South of France. I looked into flying but decided that getting the train and looking out of the window while travelling down through France would be a chance to process and reflect on my journey. I leave London at 9.23am and arrive in Miramas, about an hour from Marseille at 7.00pm where I will be met by the a woman who runs the first farm that I will be working on.